Take The Waistline Challenge

When I train clients at Gordon Studio, one measurement lets me know that my clients are getting leaner, stronger, and younger.  That measurement is waist circumference.  Not only does a smaller waist look great, but it’s an excellent indication of vital improvements in health.  According to an American Cancer Society report, that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, “Having a larger waist was associated with a higher risk of death whether the RWM_7591person was normal weight, overweight or obese.”  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that proper nutrition, resistance training, and interval training can shrink your waistline fast.

My students have lost literally thousands of pounds and inches since the studio opened in the Fall of 2012, and with every transformation challenge I present, we learn more about what it takes to get not just lighter but tighter, especially in the middle!

Our next challenge stars Monday, June 6th.  You can choose a 2 week quick start program for $50, or a four week program for $80.  You get all of your training for the month, plus sample meal plans, shopping guides, recipes, and even an eating out guide.

The best part may be the social support you will get from your fellow students.  We love to cheer each other on.  Come be a part of the waistline challenge, and get ready for one beautiful Summer.  For info call 209-532-2235, or e-mail catherine@sugafreedom.com







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