How I Went From Obese To Healthy

And How I Maintain That Weight Loss After Menopause.

Catherine holds a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and A Lemon.

If I had to describe how I maintain my sixty pound weight loss in one sentence this would be it: I reduce the glucose in my nutrition to the point where my cravings disappear.

My former obesity was a visible symptom of my dis-regulated appetite. As a child of six, I began to experience terrible food cravings whenever I ate processed foods like cereal, canned soups, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

After excess glucose exposure, I am driven to consume excess sugar and starch to the point of exhaustion, physical pain, or until I can’t find any more carbohydrates to consume.

My cravings feel like insanity or a kind of possession, so when they stop, I get a sense of blessed relief. To be at peace with food is priceless.

I started reducing the amount of glucose I was getting from food at age 43. within one year I had reached my goal weight of 123, and I have maintained it for 14 years. I combined carbohydrate replacement with exercises that increase my insulin sensitivity, and my physical condition was healed.

As I’ve matured, I’ve continued to reduce my carbohydrate intake. My glucose tolerance decreased after menopause, but I’ve managed my well being by shifting to a very low carb diet. At age 58, I can easily maintain my weight on a close to carnivore diet of 1,260 calories a day. I am simply so satisfied that I don’t need more than two moderate meals a day.

The other key to being happy and fulfilled on less food than I used to eat, is having the energy to do the things I love more than eating sugar.

Being able to dance and sing as well as I ever have at age 58 makes eating for entertainment a non-issue. Piano, guitar, voice, and dance have taken the place of sugar, bread, wine, and pasta. Believe me, life is better without them!

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