Zumba Schedule and Link to ABC Report

Hi Everybody,

Wow, January is already flying by.

Melanie has added her new 6:30PM Friday Zumba Class, and the word is out that it’s great fun, and an awesome workout.

I’m so glad to be back from Miami, and ready to train you all, especially as we have several students entering the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest that goes until early April.

Some of you may know that I am now the on-line spokesperson for the Home Workout Revolution.  One of the main premises of HWR and TT is that they eliminate long, medium intensity cardio sessions in order to improve fat loss and prevent injury.  Many of you also know that I overcame years of obesity by eliminating this kind of cardio, and replacing it with Turbulence Training.  Our 30 minute TT classes have been incredibly successful due to your hard work at Gordon Studio, and as a result, I had the honor of being named Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year last June.

In Miami, my mentor, Craig Ballantyne, challenged the CTTs in attendance to commit to bringing their very best not only to our clients, but to our personal fitness as representatives of the TT philosophy.

As a result of that challenge, I find it necessary to make some adjustments to the classes I teach in order to bring them in line with current science, the TT philosophy, and my own experience and observation.

I thoroughly enjoy every Zumba and Zumba Gold class I teach, but as a formerly obese individual who is turning 50 this year, I must shorten my classes to 45 minutes.  We know that after age 40, estrogen production lowers, and cortisol production rises, especially in response to moderate intensity cardio.  The cortisol response occurs on average after 30 minutes of steady state cardio performed at between 5 and 7 on the scale of perceived exertion, with 1 being sitting still and 10 being all out effort.  After consulting with my mentors and other fitness experts, I have chosen 45 minutes as the appropriate duration to promote fat-loss after age 40.

When the American Council on Exercise (I am and ACE Certified Personal Trainer) studied Zumba,  it found the classes safe and effective for calorie burning, and the average class time in their study was 50 minutes.  I am confident that 45 minutes will be an excellent duration to promote fun and fitness, while fulfilling the needs of those of us whose primary goal is fat loss and figure transformation.

Now, I realize that many of you are under 50, and many of my students enjoy a longer class.  I am so grateful that you now have 4 Zumba classes a week available that don’t have to cater to my limitations.

I want to encourage anyone who prefers a longer class to ask for refund of any classes they haven’t used!

In other news, some of you have asked for a link to the ABC news report that featured my before and after photos.  Here it is:

Secrets of the Super Dieters







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