What is Polarized Training?

No, Polarized training isn’t brand new. It couldn’t have been tried, tested, and proven if it was. In the past, if you’re a Gordon Studio member, you may have heard me talk about “Black Hole Training.” This is moderate intensity, long duration cardio that is intended to burn calories, but ends up increasing appetite and free-radical production. In addition, steady state, moderate intensity cardio tends to “Homogenize” the body by removing curves and muscle definition, while leading to a higher waist to hip ratio.

At Gordon Studio, we practice polarized training by moving between low and high intensity bodyweight and resistance training. The goal is to increase form and intensity while eliminating any exercise that causes pain or chronic stress to the body. In addition, we add attention to balance, flexibility, and graceful movement to find the highest expression of form for all fitness levels.

Gordon Fitness Training combines Catherine Gordon’s years of experience in Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, and Musical Theatre Choreography, with the latest techniques in bodyweight and resistance training. Catherine invites you to leave a contact message, call 209-532-2235, or email: catherine@sugarfreedom.com for your free fitness assessment and first class. In order to keep class sizes at a maximimum of 15 participants, the monthly unlimited fee will increase to $80 on October 1st. The 8 class card will be $60, and the drop in fee will be $10. Make your appointments now to lock in the current lower rate of $60 per month.







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