TT Transformation Week 4


“Whatever your dreams are, start taking them very, very seriously.”  Barbara Sher

In the third week of September, several of my clients and I took “Before” pictures for the 15th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.  It’s been a little more than four weeks since then, and the time has come to shift gears in terms of our techniques and commitments.

Over the past four years of experimenting with ways of continuing to maintain and even improve my body composition, I’ve discovered that new levels of ability require new skills, and it takes some time to learn those skills.  I remember my first TT workouts, and especially my first interval training sessions, as a real challenge.  From falling off the stability ball while trying to learn the SB Jack-Knife, to tripping more than skipping while I taught myself to jump rope again, there was a period of learning that had to pass before my figure started to change.

In my experience, and from what I’ve seen in my students, it takes about four weeks to acquire the skills needed to use TT to it’s greatest effect.  In TT Thermogenic class, the participants are getting the hang of Mountain Climbers, Kettlebell Swings, and the 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift.  As they become confident with these exercises, they start to bring the intensity that creates change.

When it comes to body recomposition, there is nothing more motivating than rapid, visible improvement.  When you add good nutrition and moderate calorie restriction to an intense training regimen, dramatic changes are possible: perhaps almost inevitable.  One thing is guaranteed.  By following a well designed training regimen you will acquire new skills.

It’s crystal clear in class and in our training sessions that everyone is taking their fitness skills seriously, and now is the time to commit to our optimal eating strategies as well.  It’s time to start taking our dreams very very seriously.

What are some techniques for optimal eating?  Pardon the repetition, but writing down what you eat had been proven to lead to twice as much weight loss.  It is the awareness and honesty that tracking provides that keeps us focused on our goals.  Whenever I eat outside of the good boundaries I set for myself, there is always an element of dishonesty involved.  Before I overeat, or reach for trigger foods, there is always a pattern of self-delusion that takes place.  Tracking or writing down what I intent to eat keeps me from pulling the wool over my eyes, so I consider it to be an invaluable habit.

Another powerful benefit of writing down what you eat is the record this creates of your success.  Just this weekend, I was able to go back and read what I was eating in the Fall of 2010 that helped me achieve my best body composition ever.  To my clients and anyone else reading this, when you succeed in reaching your goals, you will want this record of what worked!

It is invaluable to know what I was eating in order to get from there to here.

So my advice for today is: Write it down, or Write it in (as in to an on-line tracker like the one you’ll find on WedMD.)  The time is now to take your dream seriously.






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