TT Transformation Contestants: 21 Days to Go

Three Weeks ‘Till Picture Day

3 Weeks To Improve

Ok  everybody we have now officially entered the home stretch.  Several of you who are participating in the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest have already released a considerable amount of fat, and made visible changes in muscular definition.

All of the participants are women this time around, and it’s interesting to note that all of you have enhanced definition without increasing size.  Honestly, your measurements are all getting smaller, and my hat is off to you.  As for me, the weather is cool enough that I’m wearing last winter’s jeans, and they fit just fine- whew!

So here is where transformation gets interesting.  The past nine weeks have been spent training and eating right so that we have already created positive physical changes through our behavior.  Now it’s time to use all of the skills we have learned in order to get the most out of our efforts.

How do we do this?

First: Train Safely and Wisely
Stick to your established training schedule, and continue to reach for reasonable progression.  For example, in TT Thermogenic class, you might go for one more full body push up in each 30 second round.  If you’re doing TT2K3 you can commit to your best possible form and mental focus on each repetition.  This is also a good place to encourage you to get to bed on time.  Those extra minutes in front of any kind of screen;  Computer, TV, or Game Console, simply are not worth it now.

Second: Eat Sensibly
The Transformation Contest didn’t call for a crash diet before, and you don’t want to follow one now.  As much as we want or after photos to look great, none of us in this challenge are professional fitness competitors getting ready to go on stage.  What this means in term of body fat percentage is that the range that is going make you look fantastic in terms or your personal success will be quite healthy and reasonable.  Personally, I’ve found that going much below 23% body fat starts to make me look gaunt and older in the face and upper body.  For those of you who are in your twenties, you may wish to go leaner.

The point is that a nutrition plan that is made up of whole natural foods coupled with moderate calorie restriction will continue to serve you best.  The question to ask yourself when it comes to eating is this,

“How Does What I Eat Affect the Way I Act?”

If you cut your nutrition to the bone you will feel unbearably hungry, you may obsess about food, you will likely lack energy for your training, and you could end up “losing it” and eating everything you can get your hands on in an act of huger rebellion.  I will note again that you won’t find a diet to follow on this page because everyone I met or had the chance to work with who has succeeded at transformation has found the food plan that works on their own.

Remember, diets are like marriages.  They work really well until someone cheats.

What is the eating plan that satisfies you within the boundaries of a reasonable calorie deficit?

Third: Think Positively
From here on out keep your mind on the joy of more vibrant health.  There is nothing worse than getting caught up in the envy of those who can eat whatever they wish, never train, and stay lean.  Yes, they are out there, and the media elevates them to godlike status in this culture, but you have to earn your fitness.  Lucky You.  Honestly, you will be gratified by how much genuine respect you earn by improving your health through nutrition and exercise.  When you accomplish transformation through your own efforts, unlike the celebrities who have chefs and trainers and multi-million dollar contracts to drive their actions, you join an exclusive fellowship you can be deeply proud of.

Take quiet time every day to be grateful for the health that allows you to train, acknowledge yourself for what you’ve already done, and build the confidence that your efforts will be rewarded.

Oh yes-  get to the grocery store to stock up on your power foods.  Make sure that they are ready to go so that you can put optimal meals together.  That means washing, chopping, and cooking enough food so that you are never caught without the foods that serve you best at mealtime.

This is so important that it bears repeating:   For the next 3 weeks, your top priority is making sure that you have the proper food available.  Don’t wing it: Plan, Shop, and Prepare.

Train Safely.
Eat Sensibly.
Think Positively.

I’m rooting for you.






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