Transformation Participants: A Helpful Guide

How to get from before to after.

Friday, December 14th is “After” picture day at Gordon Studio.  Most of the participants are taking the 30 minute TT Thermogenic class, so there’s simply not time for transformation coaching in that setting.  I wrote this one page guide for them to use outside of class, and I hope my blog readers will find it helpful too.

One Page Transformation Guide

1. Set a goal and a deadline.

Transformation is change.  In order to change your body, you must change your behavior.  What is the change you desire, and how much time will you commit to achieving it?

 Example:  Today is November 11th.  That means my TT Transformation participants and I have 33 days to complete the challenge.  Today I weigh 124 pounds, and my goal weight is 117.  That’s 7 pounds of fat to release in a little less than five weeks.  At less than 2 pounds a week, my goal qualifies as reasonable and achievable.

2. Choose and Schedule Your Training.

 Example: I chose TT Adrenaline for my one solo training session a week, and two TT Thermogenic classes for a total of three training sessions per week.  All of these training sessions are now written down in my appointment book.  Clients and readers: I am strongly urging you to do the same.


3. Choose and Prepare for your Eating Strategy.

 Giving nutritional advice is outside my scope of practice as a Certified Personal Trainer.  However, I will report on my experience and observations.  Some individuals are able to release fat by following the USDA’s “My Plate Guide” with moderate calorie restriction.  I also know several men and women who have reached goal weight with Weight Watchers, a program that promotes a core of nutritious foods with no food “off limits” if portion guidelines are met.  If you can eat all foods in moderation and achieve success by managing calories I salute you.


Personally, I have never had success through calorie restriction alone.  In order to release fat I do eliminate sugar, artificial sweetener, all grains, and alcohol.  If I eat or drink these foods I experience overwhelming, uncontrollable cravings, and my most cherished goals are forgotten in my lust for food.  (Pardon the drama, but I’m serious about this.)


My practical advice for the next 33 days?  Shop, plan, and prepare, and write down your menu for the day before you start eating.

4. Schedule Rest and Recovery.

Get to bed!  Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  Meditate or practice some form of mental rest and rejuvenation for at lease 10 minutes a day.  Please feel free to use this time as you will.  Pray, observe your breathing, visualize your dreams, or simply seek peace and quiet.  Trust me, you need this time to reset your stress clock.  I may have gone from 185 pounds to 133 pounds without it, but meditation and visualization were instrumental in helping me to release the next 10 pounds of fat.  I also find this practice to be essential for maintenance.

 So there you have it.

1. Set your goal and deadline

2. Schedule your training.

3. Choose and prepare for your eating plan.

4. Rest and recover.

 It is so simple to write down these steps.  Putting them into action is the challenge.  The rewards are worth it.






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