Transformation Contest: Week one results

Weight Up, Inches Down

So I bounced out of bed this morning, fed the cat, dog, and fish (in that order), started a cup of coffee, and hopped on the scale.  It must be Friday.

What happened after my first week of the 15th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest?

I gained a pound.  Yep.  Back up to 128.  (I’m 5’1″ tall by the way if that puts it in perspective.)

So yeah, I’m wearing my FitBit every day, tracking my eating, and I know I’m in a calorie deficit, so what gives?  Well, first of all I’m lifting some weight and doing muscle stimulating exercises like squats and push ups again for the first time in a while.  I must confess that my focus on Zumba, Zumba Gold, my Yoga Alliance certification, and opening Gordon Studio has pushed out my regular Turbulence Training since I started personal training and leading group exercise back in January.

I have also put some more carbs back in my food plan in the form of fruit since my body was simply crying out for it.

On Wednesday I had a craving so strong for the slightly over-ripe banana on the kitchen counter you would have thought it was a street drug.

The fact is that training, teaching, and studying for  eight hours a week minimum means that I need more fuel in the form of food, but not too much, and I’m finding that balance.

The good news is that I pulled out my tape measure, and my waist and hip measurements are down in spite of the fact that the scale is up.  Even better, I can see definition in my arms and upper body returning.

Although most people see a gratifying weight loss at the beginning of healthy eating and training program (By the way, congratulations Melinda on your amazing start) I have seen plenty of people gain when they start to train.

If this is you, can you take a moment, think about your goals, and feel good about your successes that don’t involve the scale?

This is a good time to remind my clients and readers that non-weight goals are crucial on a transformation journey.

Do you want to do your first pull up or full body push up?  Do you want to make fitness a regular enjoyable part of your life?  Do you want to increase your confidence, vitality, and sense of well being?

The gifts of fitness are so much more reliable than the gifts of weight loss.  Ultimately fat release isautonomic.  In other words it is controlled by involuntary physiological responses to our actions.  Eat what we will, move how we will, ultimately the body decides when it’s ready to let fat go.

Let’s enjoy our training, relish our healthy eating, and trust that the rewards will come.






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