This is my brain off coffee.

Getting Off of Crutches

Last month I managed to break my Diet Soda/Sugar Free Gum habit for a few days.  I was eating clean, and drinking plenty of water and herbal tea too, so it’s no wonder I lost a few pounds,  but it didn’t last.  Right now I’m enjoying a minty piece of Trident.

Plenty of people who want to release fat run into my current dilemma.  They’re sitting at a reasonably healthy weight, they’re active, and they’ve eliminated traditional diet busters like sugar, trans fats, and processed foods from their eating plans- at least 80% of the time.  Things are going pretty well, but there’s a nagging feeling that some sub-optimal habits are putting off their fondest wishes for more vitality,  a  glowing appearance, and natural alertness not supplied by Starbucks or the Keurig.

I feel good right now.  Really good.  Is it because I just ran through some new Zumba dances for tomorrow’s class, or is it the lingering effects of the three cups of coffee I drank this morning?

I’m going to find out.  I’ve invested $199 in Dr. Lipman’s 2 Week Cleanse, and it starts tomorrow.  The cleanse is a program that includes 2 shakes a day, supplements, and a whole food meal plan that eliminates alcohol, sugar, flour, eggs, dairy, caffeine, nightshades, and artificial sweeteners.  Ahh, plenty of my favorite triggers and crutches in that list.  The plan doesn’t restrict calories by the way, but the idea is that the elimination of toxins and man made appetite simulators will cause a natural down regulation of hunger.

I sure hope so.  My family is a little bit scared of how I’ll react.

I’m a little bit scared of how I’ll react.

I honestly can’t  say when was the last time I didn’t wake up and walk right to the coffee machine for my morning cup of joy, I mean joe.

I have herbal tea and my morning shake to look forward to.

I also have lovely dreams of effortless loss of bloat, mood swings, and yes, a bit of fat release would be nice.  It also occurs to me that I do eat a lot of eggs, bacon, and nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant).  Who knows, there might really be something to this cleanse thing.

I’ll let you know.






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