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Congratulations Kim and Peggy for being named finalists in the Women Over 40 category of the 17th TT Transformation Contest!


Here is the link to vote for the contestant that you think had the most impressive transformation.  You may think I’m saying this because I am their coach, but I have a tough time deciding between Kim and Peggy.  They both got beautiful results.


As a result of their success, I am walking on a cloud today.  It seems like there is a drumbeat of bad news in the media regarding the difficulties of losing weight and keeping it off.  It gives me so much happiness whenever I can share a story of someone who is doing just that and enjoying it: even loving it!


In less than a year since Gordon Studio opened as a new space for Turbulence Training and Zumba, five of our students have made the finals in TT contests, and all of them are continuing to improve their physiques, energy, and fitness skills.


I want to share two essential strategies  that the latest finalists have in common.


First: They each chose an eating strategy and stuck to it.  Kim followed a plan that addressed her unique nutritional needs, and Peggy attended Weight Watchers meetings.  Their diets were different, but they both got results because they were able to stick to them.


Second:  They did Turbulence Training at Gordon Studio, and at home, consistently for 12 weeks.  They trained safe, had fun, and stuck with their programs.


One more thing, they were so supportive of everyone else in class.  These busy career women were always happy to take time to explain what they were doing, and offer encouragement. They are already having a positive influence on their friends, family members, and the people they interact with at work and in the community.  This willingness to offer support and encouragement is one of the most important keys to making their fat loss transformations permanent.


I can’t wait to see where their new skills and wisdom take them next.


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Voting closes Thursday evening.  Good luck Kim and Peggy! (Contestants #4 and #7) at this link:





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