The Little Black Dress Diet and Coaching Program

So the party/gala/holiday/social season is almost here.

I bought this LBD in Las Vegas 3 years ago, and the past 6 days have got me back in it, but it’s still a little snug.  I’ve been asking myself, what would happen if you simply didn’t cheat?  I know, I know, my typical “Cheats” are cheese and walnuts: not exactly Krispy Kremes,but…

At any rate, I’m off to write the meal plans and secret fitness weapons for the program.  It isn’t as hard as we think, but a few simple choices have to be made.  Plus, you get one event meal per week to eat anything you wish that doesn’t trigger you.  Including wine if it’s right for you.

Time to get to it.  Good news: with so many more classes at Gordon Studio you have something else to do besides cheat.

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Little Black Dress and Little Black Dog.






3 responses to “The Little Black Dress Diet and Coaching Program”

  1. Kim Hembree Avatar
    Kim Hembree

    Catherine: Is it ready yet?

  2. pageboy9 Avatar

    I sent you enough to get started in an e-mail: the rest tomorrow!

  3. Vivian Griswold Avatar
    Vivian Griswold

    I’ll be out of town when this starts on the 10th? Can I please see a sample day of meals so I know if I’d like to sign up before I leave? Thank you!

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