The Client Appreciation Challenge Begins Monday, 1/18/16

Away we go with another body transformation challenge.  It’s time to kick the sugar to the curb, and kick our training into gear.  Then we can beautify, stretch and restore in G-Dance on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:15PM.

With all of the measurements in the books for 2015, I can now say with confidence that we have cracked the code on losing fat and creating a great body shape, even after age 50, 60, 70, and beyond.

What tools do you need in place to do a transformation challenge?

  1. Know your goal.  Do you want to lose fat and re-shape your figure?  Maybe you’re at goal weight, and you want to strategically build muscle to keep looking young and feeling strong?  The most important question to ask is this one, “What are the changes in health and fitness that will make me a happier, more productive, more fulfilled person?  Enhancing your life is even more important than enhancing your looks.
  2. Have an eating strategy in place.  Most of us will be cutting out sugar and grains with the Sugar Freedom program.  Some of you are following Weight Watchers or another food plan.  Whatever you choose, commit to your eating plan so that it has a chance to work.
  3. Get out your calendar and enter your training sessions for the next six weeks.  You have appointments with yourself to keep that are just as important as work, the dentist, getting your taxes done, or anything else that comes up in the next six weeks.

Those are my essential 3 tools, and I will be sharing more as the challenge goes on.

I will be taking your before pictures and measurements all week in the studio.  Let’s make the most of every week!

Catherine ACE-CPT

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist







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