Step One on Your Transformation Journey

The First Step in Your Transformation

I have some good news and some bad news.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Exercise may not be all that great for weight loss.  There are plenty of studies that indicate that committing to a fitness program without  changing dietary habits doesn’t make the scale move in a downward direction.

So why in the world would I claim that your fitness program is the most important element in your physical transformation?

Simple, a well designed exercise program that includes resistance training will help to ensure that any weight you lose on your transformation journey will be fat, not lean tissue (i.e. muscle).

Just last night I was reading about a study that compared diet alone, diet with endurance exercise, and diet with resistance exercise, and the results were gratifying for anyone who trains people for a living.
The subjects who did diet alone over the course of 12 weeks lost 9.6 kg- 69% of which was fat.  Those who added endurance exercise lost 9kg with 78% as fat, and those who added resistance training lost 9.9kg (not much more that diet alone) with 97% of the weight loss coming from fat.

Now those are the kind of numbers that would make any trainer smile, because that kind of change in body composition is going to create an obvious and highly visible improvement in appearance and performance.  Look hotter and get stronger in 12 weeks?  Sign me up.

So for those of you who are joining me in the 12 week transformation challenge that starts today here is step one.

Get out your calendar and schedule your training sessions.  A few of you will be coming to Gordon Studio to train with me.  Some of you will be going to your local gym, and many of you will be training at home.  Regardless of where you will practice schedule that time now.  You may not know exactly what program you’ll follow for all 12 weeks, but you should make a specific choice for the first four.  My local clients and I will be using the TT 30 Minute Thermogenic plan for the first four weeks.

Fot any of you who want to purchase the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program, here is my affiliate link:

Turbulence Training For Fat Loss.

Please note that you don’t have to purchase the program to enter the contest.

Now go grab your calendar or your phone, or open your scheduling app and enter those training sessions:  3 per week for 12 weeks.  Remember, TT style means those training sessions are only 30- 45 minutes long, and the return on your investment of that small amount of time will astonish you.

Now it’s time for me  to get ready to take “Before Pictures”.  Another crucial element of transformation that I’ll be writing about tomorrow.






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  1. Melinda Avatar

    When we took our pictures we didn’t include a newspaper for the day! Will we still be able to submit them?

    1. Catherine Avatar

      I just uploaded them this morning, and noticed the same thing- yikes! We need to retake them as soon as possible- at your convenience of course!

      1. Melinda Avatar

        Can we do it this evening?

        1. Catherine Avatar

          Great idea, I’m calling right now.

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