New and Holiday Hours

Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much for supporting the new 4:30PM TT classes.  I’ve been asking for feedback on the current class times, and it’s official: The 5:45PM TT classes on Mondays and Wednesdays will be moving up to 5:30PM starting Monday, December 2nd.

In addition, the extra classes have been doing so well that I’ve decided not to take the last week of each month off where the Tues. and Thurs. 4:30 TT, the Tuesday 6:45PM TT and the 5:30PM Friday class is concerned.

That means that I will be teaching all TT classes as usual, including Wed. Nov. 27th, and Fri. Nov. 29th.  There will be no Zumba Gold or TT on Thanksgiving Day.


In December, I will be taking off from December 24th to Thursday, January 2nd.  Please confirm with April and Melanie about their Zumba classes.

Let’s make this our fittest and happiest Holiday Season ever!






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