Mission Statement

Mission: To Create Your Ideal Body


Here at Gordon Studio we don’t hold back. The goal is to discover the best methods for helping you achieve your ideal body by accepting current conditions such as your age, metabolic condition, and body type, and then to optimize your training in order to help you reach your goals.


Yes, our primary area of expertise is in fat loss and body re-composition after age 40 and beyond. This means that we focus on helping you release fat while building or maintaining muscle.

I opened Gordon Studio because I became convinced that the kind of training that is effective and typical for the young, naturally slender athlete can actually be counter productive for the the individual over age 40 who tends to store food as fat instead of using it for energy.

This is not to say that Gordon Studio is wrong for you if you have never had a weight problem, or if you are under 40. Still, you must be aware that the training and nutritional program in most common use here has these primary goals:


  1. Waist circumference. Job one is to reduce waist size. We know that every inch increase in waist size for women and men over 40 raises their risk of numerous adverse health conditions.
  2. Overall fat loss
  3. Selective Hypertrophy: This means we are deliberately building muscle especially in the deltoids, triceps, gluteus muscles, spinal erectors and more. In general, unless a client asks for a different look, we are creating a “Lean Hourglass” figure for women, and a “V Taper” for men
  4. Build or maintain muscle in the extremities. This is a sub-group of goal #3. For healthy longevity research has shown that individuals who build or maintain muscle in the arms and legs lead longer healthier lives.


Experience and the science that is the foundation of Turbulence Training show that we get optimal results with 3 to 4 30 minute sessions per week. Additional cardio, especially moderate intensity long duration cardio, is not recommended. Increased appetite, loss of type II muscle fibers, and an increase in cortisol and free radical production are typical consequences of high volume traditional cardio workouts, especially after age 35. If you love extra cardio: Treadmill, elliptical, step, jogging, running, of course you should keep doing it! However: when it comes to the Gordon Studio program I have observed the best outcomes when extra cardio is limited. Honesty and integrity demand that we stand by this core principle of Turbulence Training.






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