How To Lose The Last Ten Pounds: Step One

Make Your Goal Desirable and Achievable

     How many of you have gone on a fat loss program only to stop short of your goal, go back to your old eating and activity habits, and regain the weight you lost?  I know I’ve done it, and I know from personal experience and observation what one of the most powerful drivers of this behavior is.


You Don’t Want Your Ideal Figure As Much as You Want To Eat And Relax Like Everybody Else.

     After a certain amount of time diet and exercise fatigue sets in, and all you want to do is eat, drink, and hang out like so many of your friends do.  They seem to be having such a good time too, and you’ve been depriving yourself, and working so hard for so long.  It’s just not fair, it’s not worth it, and screw it all, you’re just going to eat whatever you want.


Now the odd thing is that yes, you can think like this every once in a while, kick your powerful fat release plan to the curb- briefly, and still get back on track to reach your goal.  Once again I’ve done it and seen it many many times, but in most cases the major overeating slip causes dieters to abandon their  weight loss goals until the next popular diet solution comes along.


So what makes one person get back on the horse so to speak, and what makes another walk away?  Everyone that I have worked with who goes through and maintains a figure transformation wants a great body more than excess party food.  What do I mean by party food?  That’s food that is all about having a good time, as opposed to food that delivers good nutrition and satisfaction.


In order to release the last ten pounds you’ve got to want your ideal body more, and in order to develop that strong desire you have to develop a deep understanding of what you want it for.  

     I will put it as simply as I can.


  Your ideal figure is the one that gives you the freedom to fulfill your life purpose.

     By freedom I mean the physical ability and the confidence  to do what you love to do in the time that you have on the planet.  Everything else is vanity.  Because I am a personal trainer and choreographer, I want a high level of energy, strength, flexibility, and agility in order to do my life’s work, so yes I do want to be lean.  I want to inspire my clients, demonstrate movement clearly to the dancers I work with, and quite frankly, I do want to be a success in my business so yes, I want to look fit- even fabulously fit.


What do you want to be and experience that would be made possible by vibrant fitness?


 Here is how you use your powerfully desirable goal to release the last ten pounds.

     Establish your best eating and exercise strategy.  Understand that you will need to be faithful to that strategy 95% of the time.  Then, when you are tempted away from your chosen strategy, remind yourself of your life goal and stand firm.  The individuals who get all the way to goal and stay there go through a transformation of character.  They become the kind of people who don’t change their chosen behavior in the face of opposition in the form of temptation and social pressure.  You must stand firm and stand up for your goal.


Tomorrow, I will write about the second quality that your goal must have:  Achievability within the bounds of good health and good sense.  Also, on Friday, I will post after pictures from my latest round of Turbulence Training fitness sessions.  Yes, the work is worth it.






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