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Lose The Last Five Pounds: With Your Goal and a Deadline.

The trouble with the last five pounds of fat is that they come off slowly if you’re committed to nourishing your body properly as you release them.  When I was 50 pounds overweight, I found that shedding fat was as easy as hitting the side of a barn with buckshot.  I could move a little more, eat a little less, and voila’…success!

Now as I’ve reached the point where I only need to show 2 more pounds of scale less to reach the happy dance, abs showing, short short wearing, sweet spot, my very best strategies will be required.  I’d love to share them with you.  By the way, I think the last 5 pounds require a little magic to shuffle them off and here it is:

We Receive What We Want For Others.  (If you want to feel beautiful, spend time recognizing the beauty of the people around you.)

That being said, you need a strategy, and here it is:  Give your goal a deadline, and use an acceleration period to reach it.

We’ve all heard the argument over whether it’s best to use a diet or a lifestyle change to lose fat.  I say we should use both, and here’s how.  If you’re within five pounds of your goal weight, I believe that the lifestyle change has already happened for you.  If you’ve already released 10, 30, 50 or more pounds, I’ll bet that you have a fitness practice and an eating strategy in place that is effective.

Now it’s time to use an acceleration period to get all the way to goal.

What is an acceleration period?  It’s simply an amount of time when you give your eating, training, and recovery strategy the very best you’ve got.  I’ve had the great privilege of winning a transformation contest, and the even greater privilege of seeing my students win and place in them too.  One of the most powerful tools for change in these contests is the deadline to the after pictures.  You know that you’re going to stand in front of the camera in 12, 4, or 2 weeks, and that focuses your attention- believe me.  By the time you get within striking distance of your goal, you know what works for you, and the deadline gives you focused motivation to actually do what works.

Here are some examples of what works for me:

1. 3 Turbulence Training or Home Workout Revolution training sessions per week.

2. Prepare all foods at home.  The good thing about an acceleration period is that it’s short enough to eliminate eating out for a time.

3.  Drink that water!  I put a piece of paper on the refrigerator and check off each glass until I get to 8.

4.  At least 15 minutes of meditation/visualization a day.  It is important to relax the body and mind and get in touch with what you truly desire each day, or your sub-concious will pull you off track.

5.  Be accountable.  Whether you write what you eat and how you train in a diary, write a blog, or call a friend each day,  transformation works better with support.

6. Don’t cheat yourself.  By now, you should know if cheat days work for you, if they do, that’s fine, but the acceleration period is a time for pure commitment and honesty.  As you plan your strategy, be completely honest about what foods and behaviors work for you, and which ones don’t.  Remember, we are biochemically diverse.  Don’t let anyone mess with your plan if you know in  your gut that it’s the right plan.

How long should your acceleration period be?  That depends.  Mine will last for two weeks, as that will take me through the 3rd Turbulence Training Summit.  You can make yours as short as three days, (I have found a three day commitment to an eating strategy to be long enough to reduce cravings and boost confidence and motivation), or as long as three weeks.  It really is up to you.  This isn’t going on and off a diet or exercise program.  This is about giving your personal strategy everything you’ve got to reach a goal and a deadline.

The truth is that, for me and for many of my students, this strategy has worked wonders, especially when it comes to the wonderful feeling of reaching your goal.






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