Full But Still Craving

Almonds? Really?

Power Breakfast: Big and Satisfying

So how did my experiment in accountability go yesterday?  It went pretty well except for the raw almonds of all things.

I ate everything I wrote down, with a few exceptions.  My second serving of fruit was blackberries instead of an apple. (They were on sale at the store.)  Plus, for some odd reason, I was obsessing over those almonds.  I started thinking about them while I was making dinner, and it kept on afterward and all through the evening. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and chop some up and have them with my blackberries.

Here’s what is so weird about my appetite.  Between around 3:30 and 8PM, I get these cravings that have nothing to do with stomach hunger.  I could say physical hunger, but this desire to eat doesn’t seem to be emotional because it happens around the same time each day no matter what my mood is.  During the work week I’m doing very well, and I’ve been releasing fat at around the rate of 1/2 pound a week due to the fact that I teach my classes during the time when my appetite is the most insistent.

Let me highlight the idea that if you have a time of day that is causing you trouble when it comes to eating out of bounds, it’s a great idea if you can fill that time with activities that don’t involve food.  If you’re free and near Sonora come to my TT or Zumba class. (Shameless plug.)  Heck, go to anybody’s class, or schedule your training for this time.  I know it’s popular to advise training in the morning so you won’t blow it off, I find that moving can ease a craving if you can just get yourself to do it!

Let’s try an experiment shall we?  The next time any of us had a craving let’s do a quick set of simple bodyweight exercises.  How about doing  a few rounds of 10 counter push ups, alternating with 10 cross crawls?  I’m going to try it.

Here is Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Coffee with cream, 2 eggs cooked in 1t. coconut oil, 3 strips uncured bacon, mixed vegetables cooked with 1t. pastured butter.
Snack: 1C Blackberries
Lunch: Large mixed salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing, 1 4oz chicken thighs, 1C broccoli
Snack: 1 apple
Dinner: 4 oz grass fed beef, mixed salad with dressing as above, 1C broccoli.
8 glasses of water.

I thought about adding an ounce of almonds, but I’m going to see how I do without them.

My goal when it comes to eating continues to be finding the sweet spot where I feel energetic and satisfied, and I can still release fat.  I know that there will be times during the day when I will feel a reasonable sensation of hunger, and that I may experience cravings.  I am determined to learn not to act on them.  One way to keep cravings manageable is to make sure I’m eating enough nutritious food, so if I have to add a little and be more patient, I’m willing to do that.

Bottom line: I am determined to find out why I want to eat when I’m not hungry, and them I’m going to figure out what to do about it.  When I find the answer I promise to share it.






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