Diet Deal Breaker

There is a raging debate going on right now in the world of weight loss as to whether the force that drives fat release is calories or content.  In other words, is fat storage ruled by what you eat, or how much you eat?

As someone who has released a significant amount of fat and maintained a new weight for more than four years now, I’ll be bold enough to say that it’s both.

To achieve a permanent reduction in the amount of fat that your body wants to store and carry around for fuel and protection, you have to choose foods that nourish and satisfy you without triggering overeating.  What’s more, if your body and genetics are pre-disposed to more fat storage than you would like, a certain amount of vigilance will always be required to keep the quantity of food you eat in the right range.

Ultimately you will discover that certain foods work for you, and some foods don’t.

That’s all well and good, but there’s one more kind of food you can’t ignore.

Deal Breakers: The foods that might not be optimal for fat release, but that you just won’t go without.  I was supposed to eliminate caffeine for two weeks for the Lipman cleanse.  I caved on day two.

I’ll say this for myself.  My experience with compulsion and the absolute unwillingness to give up certain beverages does give me some compassion for anyone who is following a plan to change their eating habits.

Sugar? Dairy? Tomatoes? Cherry Coke Zero?  No problem, I’ll happily kick them to the curb for two weeks, but coffee?

I have a life to live, and I really don’t want to try to function with that awful headache and the mental fog I felt Monday.  Maybe I’m a big baby, but it was awful, and I won’t do it.  So there.  I’ll drink the shakes and take the supplements, and maybe the cleanse won’t work so well now but I don’t care.

I will, however, accept the fact that I’m dependent on caffeine.  As I wrote in my last post, it’s a crutch.  But sometimes we need to use crutches to keep moving forward.  I have an 8:30 Turbulence Training class to teach today, and now that I’ve had a cup of coffee, I can’t wait to get down to the studio and train my students.

Worth every drop.






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