Class Cancelled Due to Smoke

9:30AM Zumba Gold is cancelled due to heavy smoke.  I will be at the studio if students show up.

I will teach Zumba at 5:30PM as the smoke has been clearing by then.

Stay safe everyone!






4 responses to “Class Cancelled Due to Smoke”

  1. Carol Billimei Avatar
    Carol Billimei

    Is class on today 8/29/13 @ 9:30am? Thanks, Carol

    1. pageboy9 Avatar

      Hi Carol, Class has been moved to 4:30PM this afternoon. It’s still too smoky this morning. Hope you can come!

  2. Elaine Suggs Avatar
    Elaine Suggs

    ? class Labor day / Smoke

    1. pageboy9 Avatar

      Elaine- Yes, we have class today, as the smoke usually clears by the afternoon. Use your best judgement, but I will be teaching TT and Zumba this afternoon/evening.

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