Your Summer Body Breakthrough

The Summer Body Breakthrough begins Monday, June 6.  Call 209-532-2235 or email to reserve your spot.

I have learned so much from my amazing clients over the past 4 years since I began working professionally as a personal trainer.

Nutrition, training, mindset, and group support make for an unstoppable combination when it comes to body and health transformation.  Every single one of the women you see below got off of sugar, followed a consistent training plan, and gave each other support and encouragement to stay strong.  The results?  Everyone lost pounds and inches. Even better, we all discovered a new love and respect for the power of learning to lift weight with perfect form.

Now it’s time to announce the Summer Body Breakthrough.  There will be two 2 week sessions available, including new classes at 8AM Monday through Friday starting June 6th, and concluding June 27th.  Please click on the Class Schedule link to see all of the other available class times.

Each 2 week session will cost $50.  If you commit to both sessions, the cost will be $80 for the full 4 weeks.

What do you get with the Summer Body Breakthrough?

1. You get the Sugar Freedom program, including meal plans, shopping guide, and recipes.

2. Goal setting consultation with before photo, measurements, and individualized coaching on sticking to your food and fitness plan.

3. All training sessions: 5/week.

4.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You must be completely satisfied with the program or your money back: no matter what.

What kind of results can you expect?  Our top challenger lost 8 pounds and almost 10 inches.  The average result was 5 pounds lost in just 2 weeks.  Most clients lost at least an inch off of the waistline, and several lost even more.  All of the participants reported increased strength, energy, and well being.

Perhaps the most valuable thing you will learn during the body breakthrough is the fact that you really can re-shape your body, and look and feel younger when you combine nutrition, resistance, and interval training.

Call 209-532-2235 and reserve your spot today!

Our First 2 Week Challenge Was Fantastic.
Our First 2 Week Challenge Was Fantastic.







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