Amazing Fat Loss Results at Gordon Studio

We’ve wrapped up another 6 Week Sugar Freedom/Transformation Challenge at Gordon Studio, and the results were some of the most consistent and impressive that I’ve ever seen.

I became a personal trainer and opened Gordon Studio because I had a passionate desire to bring real results to my members. I will never forget the years I spend cutting fat and doing more cardio only to end up flabby and hungry instead of lean and shapely.

With every Gordon Studio member who achieves a transformation by cutting out sugar, grains, and typical cardio, my commitment to the new fitness message grows and grows. Short, intense, focused training sessions that combine intervals with the right level of resistance create progression and get beautiful results.

Here are the before and after photos of our winner, Cherie T.IMG_0056IMG_0175

She lost 11.6 pounds and 13 inches in just 6 Weeks.

Ultimately, my job as a transformation coach is to get you to believe in yourself so that you are willing to take action and reach your goals. Cherie’s success makes it possible to do just that! You truly can get results like hers when you join Gordon Studio. Call 209-532-2235, or e-mail me at: to arrange for your free class and consultation.






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