A Plan For A Smaller Waistline

The Best Training Plan For A Smaller Waistline

I Used TT

This afternoon before class one of my students was asking which system she should get to help her shed fat and get a smaller waistline.  Even though I’m using the Home Workout Revolution in class, I had to recommend the original Turbulence Training program for creating a beautiful balanced form.  If you click the highlighted link, you will be taken to Clickbank where you can purchase the program, and yes, I do get a commission from sales through that link.

Three of my students made the finals in the 15th TT Transformation contest, and they all used this system for the training they did outside of my class.  They all lost at least 3 or 4 inches off of their waistlines, and they developed lovely shoulders and a great shape below the waist as well.  Not only that, but in five years of being active over at TT Members.com, I have been amazed at all of the women and men who have lost belly fat and middle inches like crazy.  Personally, I’ve gone from a 31 inch waist to 24 inches, and I’ve kept it that way for five years.

Finally, my student has weights, a stability ball, and room to train at home.  I believe that makes the TT system perfect for her.

In exactly 4 weeks, I’m off to the TT Summit in San Diego, and I’m determined to be 5 pounds leaner with a shape that does TT proud.  Watch this space to see if I achieve that goal, and for encouragement if a smaller waist is what you want too.






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