Catherine Presents BodyCon at KASA.

Yes, It’s official, Catherine Gordon returns live at the Dome in Sonora to teach BodyCon.

BodyCon stands for body confidence, and this 60 minute class has everything you need to gain strength, balance, agility, and flexibility.

We begin with a dance bases warm up that is suitable for all fitness levels.

Next we progress to bodyweight resistance for fat loss, followed by interval training.

The final 20 minutes of the class incorporate agility, balance, flexibility and a restorative cool down.

Let Catherine teach you her techniques for permanent fat loss, abundant energy and body confidence with BodyCon.

Details: Every Monday at 5:30PM starting December 5th. Additional classes coming soon!

Jump into BodyCon with Catherine!
Jump into BodyCon with Catherine!

All dance and exercise classes are held at the Historic Dome Campus, 251-B Barretta St.
Park on Barretta St., walk up the stairs, and follow the signs to the building located just North of the Dome.

Cost: $10 drop in 6 classes for $48.  Your first class is free.

Please e-mail for more information.


Catherine’s Body Challenge

Do you want to lose weight, and create a younger more attractive body without starving and painful workouts?

My Six Week Body Challenge does exactly that, guaranteed.

Many of you know that I closed Gordon Studio in July, and that I have gone back to performing in the professional theatre.  My personal weight struggle has always been driven by my desire to act, sing, and dance, and in show business, a young shapely figure is always an asset, and very often it’s a requirement. For years my personal motto has been,

“We receive what we want for others.”  Let’s get the results we want together.

These past three months have re-kindled my passion for fitness and nutrition coaching for so many reasons.

First, I have had time to catch up on the latest research in fitness and nutrition, and what I have learned is that eliminating sugary starchy foods, and embracing natural fats is a powerful, proven, and healthy technique for weight and fat loss.

Second, resistance training can re-shape the body at any age, and short, safe interval training sessions can reduce body fat without causing undue soreness, or heaven forbid, injury.

Third, motivational incentives like group support, deadlines, and cash prizes have been proven to increase results.

Catherine’s Body Challenge offers all of these elements and more.  It all begins on November 1st, and this challenge ends on December 13th.

The cost is $99, and that covers educational meal plans, training sessions, a private Facebook group, a weekly 20 minute consultation call, and a $250 prize for the most inspiring transformation, voted on by members of the challenge group.

E-mail me: and I will e-mail you a Paypal invoice to get started.

My clients and readers have literally lost thousands of pounds and inches, and now it’s your turn to get results.

Warmly, Catherine Gordon

Free One Page Guide To the Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Oz. is talking about it, the New York Times just published an article on a major study that supports it, and dozens of posts I see on social media are asking for a simple way to do it.

I talking about the Ketogenic Nutritional Approach, Keto Diet for short, and it’s the way I’ve been maintaining a 67 pound weight loss for more than 8 years.

Even if you already know that “Keto,”  means an eating plan that is very low in carbs, moderate in protein, and higher in fat, you may be confused as to how to put together daily menus that fit those guidelines.  I hope that the following guide is helpful, and that if you want a long term solution for staying off of sugary starchy carbs you will consider the Sugar Freedom program at

Here is your free guide:

My One Page Guide to Keto

By Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT


Legal Disclaimer

The information presented here is by no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Consult your physician before beginning this program as you would with any nutrition program. If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work with your physician throughout the duration of your time using the information in the program, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.


To the Reader: These are the exact steps I took to get into into nutritional ketosis, (Keto for short)and this is how I get back into ketosis if I go off the program.   This one page guide is intended as a simple reminder of the principles of nutritional ketosis.


For in-depth study if this way of eating may I suggest the following titles:


A Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet Manual

By Dr. Eric Westman MD.


Keto Clarity

By Dr. Eric Westman MD> and Jimmy Moore


The Art and Science of Low Carb Living

By Jeff Volek PhD, RD

And Stephen Phinney MD, PhD



1.   Eat a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrate per day from non-starchy vegetables.


Here are my top five vegetables for getting into ketosis: Spinach, Asparagus, Kale, Broccoli, and Romaine Lettuce.


2.   Eliminate all sugar, grains, alcohol, starchy vegetables, vegetable oils, and seed Oils.


3.   Eat a minimum of .8 grams of Protein per Kilograms of Bodyweight.


For an individual who weighs 150 pounds, that would be 54 grams of protein per day. This is the established RDA minimum. If you are active you will probably need more, especially if you do resistance training. My maximum protein intake is 100 grams per day. Your individual protein needs should be determined with the help of your doctor or a registered dietitian.


4.   Eat Enough Natural Fat to Satisfy Your Hunger.


Here are my top fats for ketosis: Coconut Oil, Organic Grass Fed Butter , Olive Oil, and Avocado Oil. (Note that olives and avocados are fruits: not vegetables or seeds.)

5.   Drink Eight 8 oz. Glasses of Water Per Day. Drink Chicken,              Beef, or Vegetable Boullion or Broth to Maintain Sodium Levels, and Help Prevent Keto Flu.


Here is one of my daily ketognic menus:

Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 2 Strips Uncured Bacon, 1 cup spinach and mushrooms sautéed in butter.


Lunch: 2 Chicken thighs, 2 cups Romaine Lettuce with olive oil and vinegar.


Dinner: Beef Rib-Eye, 1 Cup Broccoli cooked in Butter.


If you are hungry between meals at first eat a bit more bacon, chicken, or beef.

There you have it: my simple one page guide to getting into nutritional ketosis. It is deliberately brief so that you can print out the single page and keep it handy.


Please feel free to share this guide.


For my complete nutritional program, please visit




Three Diet Fixes You Can Use Right Now

Portable Breakfast
Delicious: So slow down and enjoy your food.

Three Diet Fixes You Can Use Right Now

1.  Find out exactly how much you are eating with

Fat secret is a totally free, easy to use, and accurate food and calorie tracker that gives you the information you need in order to be confident that you are following your food plan correctly.  For example, if you are starting a Ketogenic diet, you need to make sure that you are eating 20 grams or less of carbohydrates a day in order to get into nutritional ketosis for the first time.

If you are training to build muscle, you may be following the advice to get one gram of protein per pound of your lean body weight.  It’s pretty hard to get the results you want if you’re guessing, so it’s always best to have an accurate tracking program.

2.  Simplify Your Menus

You don’t need to prepare elaborate meals in order to create satisfying meals that you actually want to eat.  As a matter of fact, studies show that a little less variety helps to reduce appetite.  That way you eat less automatically.  This is a strategy I have literally been using for years, and it never fails.

Here’s how:  I pick 3 proteins, 3 carbs, and 3 fats as the basis of my meals for the day.  I have even used the same foods for 3 days in a row if I absolutely have to shed fat fast.  Here is an example of a daily meal plan using this tip:

Proteins:  Eggs, Shrimp, Chicken.  Carbohydrates: Avocado, Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes.  Fats: Cream, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/4 avocado, shrimp.

Lunch: Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, 1/4 avocado

Dinner: Shrimp, romaine lettuce, tomato, hard boiled egg.

Olive oil and vinegar dressing, and 1T home made mayo (made with avocado oil, 1 egg yolk, lemon juice, and cider vinegar) are included to make these meals enjoyable without over stimulating my appetite.

3. Slow Down and Chew Every Bite.

Recently, I was shocked to learn that eating too fats was a common cause of stomach bloating.  Imagine, instead of doing all those crunches that really don’t help to get you a flatter belly, you could simply slow down and enjoy your food.

Try this experiment: see what happens when you try to chew each bite 30 times.  By practicing the 30 bite technique, a healthy sewing pace of 20 per bite will become natural and normal.

My readers, clients, and I can assure you that quick fixes like these have helped us lose up to 5 pounds in three days.

If you want to simplify your workout, I highly recommend The Venus Factor plan that you can find at this link. ===>Click Here<===

I used this program to get fantastic results before I became a personal trainer.  The entire program can be done with Dumb Bells, which is a big plus if you train at home, or in a busy gym where the bar bells and the squat rack are often taken!

I hope this report was helpful, and I want you to e-mail me: if you need tips, strategy, or coaching to help you reach your goals.

P.S.: E-mail me if you want to join the free Facebook Accountability Challenge that starts September 6th.

Gordon Studio closing due to floor damage

Most of you will have heard by now that the floor was severely damaged at Gordon Studio last Friday.

As a result, I will be closing the studio, and turning my energy to enhancing Sugar Freedom and my on-line fitness program design business.

You can contact me here:, or at 209-532-2235 until mid July.

I am currently designing 6 week transformation programs at avery reasonable cost for studio members.

You can get Sugar Freedom here:, and I will also be creating “Catherine’s Meal Plans.”  These are informational examples of my personal eating strategies intended to educate people about the Ketogenic lifestyle.


To all of my students, you have achieved world class results.  Never forget to put form before volume, posture before “Pushing,” and you will get beautiful results wherever you train.





Fat Burning Breakfast Recipe

My clients have been asking for a fat burning breakfast that’s portable, and here it is:

Baked quiche cups

Olive oil to coat muffin pan

2 cups spinach leaves, chopped

3/4 cup(s) cheese, cheddar, sharp, shredded

or Jack cheese

4 eggs, beaten

1/4 cup red bell pepper: diced

1/4 cup onion: diced

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

3 drops red pepper sauce (optional)

Heat the oven to 350°F.

Lightly coat a 12-cup muffin pan with olive oil.

In a large bowl, combine spinach, cheese, eggs, bell pepper, onion, seasonings, and pepper sauce, if using. Mix well. Divide mixture evenly among the muffin cups.

Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Makes 12, 2 per serving.

Breakfast Quiche  Cups: If you don’t have a muffin pan, pour the mixture into an 8- by 8-inch glass baking dish or a 9-inch glass pie plate. Bake at 350°F for 20 to 25 minutes, or until tester comes out clean. Cut into 6 pieces.

Note: Freeze the leftovers for an easy breakfast entree you can warm up in the microwave.

Plus, you can add bacon and make it a take along brunch.  Why cheat when fat burning food it this good?

Portable Breakfast
Portable Breakfast

Free Tracking Tools To Get Off Of Sugar, and Get Results.



Today, we begin Catherine’s Bootcamp at Gordon Studio.

The participants will be cutting out sugar and grains, and taking on a challenging regimen of weight lifting, high intensity intervals, plus flexibility and balance training.

When we put these elements together, extraordinary transformations occur.

By far the most important tool for fat loss is proper nutrition.  The program I have developed, Sugar Freedom, gives you the fat burning foods, meal plans, and recipes that have helped my clients and readers to lose literally thousands of pounds.  Changing the content of your eating plan is the most important thing, in my experience, but tracking macronutrients and yes, calories, is key for success.  

Tracking is especially helpful if fat loss slows down, and you want to be sure you are eating in a way that is consistent with your goals.

The completely free tracker that I use can be found at

I use it every day as it tells me my calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content, plus the percentage of these macronutrients.  For those of you doing a fitness training program, it is important that you eat sufficient protein.  One of my simplest tips for getting enough is to add canned tuna to a simple green salad, or to add extra egg whites to the whole eggs I have in my morning omelet.

A free macronutrient calculator for starting a ketogenic fat loss program can be found here:

Remember, what gets measured gets managed, and these sites can help you manage and measure at no cost.

Finally, if you are getting off of sugar and grains Monday, be sure to have broth or bullion on hand to drink if you have cravings, or if your energy feels low.  Eating Sugar Freedom style can cause your sodium levels to become depleted, and organic chicken broth or bullion can bring them up, and make you feel better fast.

Here’s to vibrant health and a beautiful Summer for all of us.

Catherine’s Bootcamp Starts Monday, June 6th

Here is the new schedule starting June 6th, 2016

Monday: G-Lift 8AM, 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:15PM

Tuesday: G-HIIT 8AM, 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM

Wednesday: G-Lift 8AM, 3:30Pm, 4:30PM, 5:30Pm, 6:15PM

Thursday: G-HIIT 8AM, 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:15PM

Friday: G-Lift 8AM, 4:30PM, Adult Center Ballet: 5:30PM

Our 2 and 4 week challenge bootcamps include measurements, photos, measurements, and suggested meal plans.

In our most resent challenge every single participant lost pounds and inches.  Your first two sessions are free.  Arrive 20 minutes early for an introduction to the program.

(209)532-2235 or leave a comment below.


See you in the studio for results: Guaranteed.

Take The Waistline Challenge

When I train clients at Gordon Studio, one measurement lets me know that my clients are getting leaner, stronger, and younger.  That measurement is waist circumference.  Not only does a smaller waist look great, but it’s an excellent indication of vital improvements in health.  According to an American Cancer Society report, that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, “Having a larger waist was associated with a higher risk of death whether the RWM_7591person was normal weight, overweight or obese.”  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that proper nutrition, resistance training, and interval training can shrink your waistline fast.

My students have lost literally thousands of pounds and inches since the studio opened in the Fall of 2012, and with every transformation challenge I present, we learn more about what it takes to get not just lighter but tighter, especially in the middle!

Our next challenge stars Monday, June 6th.  You can choose a 2 week quick start program for $50, or a four week program for $80.  You get all of your training for the month, plus sample meal plans, shopping guides, recipes, and even an eating out guide.

The best part may be the social support you will get from your fellow students.  We love to cheer each other on.  Come be a part of the waistline challenge, and get ready for one beautiful Summer.  For info call 209-532-2235, or e-mail


Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th

Our last challenge was a triumph with an extraordinary success rate of 100%.  Everyone lost pounds and inches, and I was so impressed by the improvements in strength and technique that the challengers achieved.  I don’t know when i’ve seen a group of 10 women get in better shape so fast.

The fat loss formula we use at Gordon Studio is this: Nutrition+Resistance Training+Intervals+Recovery.  Add in the the support that you get from a challenge team and you can be sure to get results.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will lift using body bars, barbells, and dumb-bells.  We emphasize form over volume to ensure safety.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do High Intensity Interval Training to accelerate fat loss.  I may add Kettlebells to the training sessions to increase intensity.

In addition, my years of training as a dancer and choreographer have me convinced that elements of jazz and contemporary dance add the finishing touch to a great transformation.  Balance, grace, and flexibility don’t just make us look better, they make the activities of daily living so much more enjoyable.  I incorporate these into the training session to to elongate the muscles, and because dancing to great music is fun.

The  2 week challenge costs $50, and you can add the next 2 weeks for just $30 more.

Please contact me: or call 209-532-2235