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  • My Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss

    My Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss is Sugar Freedom: no sugar, no grains, no vegetable oils. I used to wish that I could add sugar, grains, and high sugar fruits like bananas, but every time I tried re-introduction my cravings came roaring back, and away I would go with over eating. The truth is […]

  • The Essential Lifts for Health, Energy, and Recomposition

    As I was preparing the  training plan for a client today, I decided to list the essential lifts for health, energy, and recomposition in order of importance. I reserve the right to change this order, but these are the lifts I want all of my clients and Sugar Freedom readers to learn. I will simply […]

  • Appetite Re-Set and Sugar Detox

    It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and I’m sharing my appetite re-set and sugar detox eating plan with you. The biggest problem I have when I eat eat special occasion foods like stevia sweetened dark chocolate, brie, or berries is that these foods can stimulate my appetite. They aren’t trigger foods at all, but the […]

  • Three Diet Fixes You Can Use Right Now

    Three Diet Fixes You Can Use Right Now 1.  Find out exactly how much you are eating with www.fatsecret.com Fat secret is a totally free, easy to use, and accurate food and calorie tracker that gives you the information you need in order to be confident that you are following your food plan correctly.  For […]

  • Get Your Best Body Ever- After 40!

       Bodyweight 400  This is a class favorite at Gordon Studio: Warm Up: Y-Squat- 10 Arm Crosses-10 per side Prisoner Lunge-8 per side Mountain Climber- 10 per side Leg Swing- 10 per side Rest 30 seconds 400 Challenge: 25 Jumping Jacks 25 Body Weight Squats 25 Push Ups 25 Total Body Extensions Rest one minute […]

  • You Can Lose Weight When You Travel.

    How to Lose Weight When You Travel Adventures in Sugar Freedom If you’re new to the Gordon Studio Sonora Website, welcome!  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know it’s dedicated to helping you build your authentic ideal body, and keep it for good. One of the biggest challenges of weight maintenance […]

  • Get a Great Body and Win Cash!

    To get the Turbulence Training Program That Has Worked Wonders at Gordon Studio: Click Here!  Congratulations to Kim, Peggy, Melinda, Sandra, and Melanie.   We are five for five when it comes to Gordon Studio clients who have completed a 12 week transformation and made it into the finals of this worldwide contest.   Everyone […]

  • Ten Transformation Tips

    In ten days, I take my “after” photos for the 17th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.  I’m not eligible for a prize, but several Gordon Studio students are in it to win, so I want to share my best fat loss tips with them, and all of the Beauty Building readers.   This morning, I started the […]