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  • Cabbage Soup: Sugar Freedom Style

    Sugar Freedom Style Cabbage Soup Can Help You Get Off Of Sugar When people ask me, “How do I get off of sugar?” I reply, “Eat something else.” So many of the simple grab and go foods we eat contain sugar, grains, and processed vegetable oils.  All of these foods are inflammatory and appetite boosting […]

  • Keeping Keto: A look at a typical day on Sugar Freedom.

    I have been using a ketogenic, low carb nutrition strategy consistently since 2008.  Back then, the way I ate was literally considered to be dangerous.  According to the USDA guidelines, I was eating way too much saturated fat and way too few  whole grains to maintain good health. The current popularity of the Whole 30 and […]

  • The Essential Lifts for Health, Energy, and Recomposition

    As I was preparing the  training plan for a client today, I decided to list the essential lifts for health, energy, and recomposition in order of importance. I reserve the right to change this order, but these are the lifts I want all of my clients and Sugar Freedom readers to learn. I will simply […]

  • Eight Essential Lifts for Permanent Fat Loss

    These eight lifts were the key to my physical transformation nine years ago. Lately, my focus as a fitness professional has been on helping my clients escape, “The Weight Loss Trap.”  The trap is the fact that, as we lose weight, we typically adapt to diet an exercise in a way that causes us to […]