Spring Fitness Classes You Can Join Now

Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT announces Spring fitness classes you can join now.

“Train With Catherine,” every Monday at 5:15PM, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8AM at TCAA Dance at the Dome: 251 B. Baretta Street.

“Chair Total Fitness,” every Thursday at Sol Y Breath: 14709 Mono Way.

I am delighted that Tully Baker of Sol-Y-Breath has invited me to create this class for her studio.  It begins with a very gentle warmup to connect mind and body.  Then we do our resistance training with light weights so that you can learn excellent form within your proper range of motion.  This is followed by Chair Intervals.  Yes, you really can do interval training while seated.  Then enjoy learning  some dance based movement to fun music.

Next we move into the restorative phase with a very gentle seated yoga flow, and we close with a gratitude meditation.

This class has been developed in accordance with the guidelines of my ACE Mind/Body Specialist Certification to help you develop confidence, strength, and flexibility in a safe supportive atmosphere.

Email Catherine with any questions :9catherine9@gmail.com

14709 Mono Way in the Sears center. solybreath.com