Training For A Comeback

When I was a personal trainer and fitness studio owner, my specialty was physical transformations.
I was named Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year in the Summer of 2013 based on the success of my clients in losing ponds and especially inches.

Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training (TT) was my mentor, and like me, he moved on from personal training and from growing his online fitness business. Today, he is a best selling author and coach in the world of personal development and business success.

When I appeared with the Saint Mary’s Women’s Choir in “Magnificat,” at Carnegie Hall in March of 2019, it became clear to me that I longed to return to the stage as an actor, singer, and dancer. I wrote my one woman show, “The Swan of Erin,” as a tribute to Irish Soprano Catherine Hayes, and just as I was supposed to perform it for the first time, theatre in the US was shut down due to Covid.

I was finally able to perform the show in 2023, and along with the growth of my YouTube and TikTok channels, I realized that nothing would make me happy other than becoming a working performing artist again.

In many ways, Catherine Gordon Training has always focused on creating and maintaining the physical health needed for freedom of expression in the performing arts. The actor, singer, dancer, needs to keep the body, mind, and spirit ready for action, and this will be the focus of this blog going forward.

Imagine that your life is a work of art and that you are the medium that embodies it. What kind of skills would you need to create the life that represents your truth?

Many of the skills I learned as a personal trainer are perfectly suited to the singer/dancer. The right amount of resistance training makes us strong, and interval training develops ever increasing amounts of breath capacity and stamina.

On the other hand, the absolute imperative to protect my knees and back in order to dance directs me away from some of the classic lifts in the gym, and toward more focus on balance and flexibility.

In fact, my current resistance training plan consists of pushups and reverse lunges. I superset the moves, and I do eight pushups and eight reverse lunges per leg. Then I rest one minute and do two more rounds for a total of three.

I certainly can’t charge for a session this short and simple! Like the song says though, the best things in life are free.

I will continue to post the techniques I’m using to stay fit for the stage, and I hope they will be useful no matter what your work is.

Be well, eat for yourself, and train for what you love.



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