TikTok: A Place To Dance

All I ever wanted to do was act, sing, and dance, preferably for an audience, and ideally for a living.

I have never been the kind of person to dance as if no-one was watching because what would be the point of that? Seriously, the purpose of dance as art is to generate an emotional response in the viewer.

Enjoyment and amusement are satisfying responses to dance as far as I’m concerned, and with TikTok, a whole new world of viewers has opened up.

I started posting videos on YouTube several years ago, and some did very well, but there have always been more cruel commenters on that platform than on TikTok. What’s more, the corporate beauty standards of young and thin are far more obvious on YouTube.

I was shocked to see one of my TikToks get over 8 million views just a few months after I started posting regularly.

Now, there is program in Beta testing that monetizes tiktoks over one minute long, and it’s generating more revenue than any of my videos on YouTube.

The best part is that in the evening I get to go into my little office/studio and create at will with nothing but the music, the mirror, and my iPhone.

Finding a place to share the dancing I love so much makes me a happier, healthier person, and that’s what I want for all artists and enthusiasts who need a place for self expression.






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