Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th

Our last challenge was a triumph with an extraordinary success rate of 100%.  Everyone lost pounds and inches, and I was so impressed by the improvements in strength and technique that the challengers achieved.  I don’t know when i’ve seen a group of 10 women get in better shape so fast.

The fat loss formula we use at Gordon Studio is this: Nutrition+Resistance Training+Intervals+Recovery.  Add in the the support that you get from a challenge team and you can be sure to get results.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will lift using body bars, barbells, and dumb-bells.  We emphasize form over volume to ensure safety.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do High Intensity Interval Training to accelerate fat loss.  I may add Kettlebells to the training sessions to increase intensity.

In addition, my years of training as a dancer and choreographer have me convinced that elements of jazz and contemporary dance add the finishing touch to a great transformation.  Balance, grace, and flexibility don’t just make us look better, they make the activities of daily living so much more enjoyable.  I incorporate these into the training session to to elongate the muscles, and because dancing to great music is fun.

The  2 week challenge costs $50, and you can add the next 2 weeks for just $30 more.

Please contact me: or call 209-532-2235






4 responses to “Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th”

  1. Catherine Avatar

    Go ahead, ask a question about the challenge, training, nutrition, or anything you want to know about Gordon Studio.

  2. Lana Avatar

    Good morning. I’m interested in starting a few classes. I no today is a holiday. Will there be any classes today?

    1. Catherine Avatar

      Hi Lana,

      Classes resume today, Tuesday May 31st. 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30pm. Arrive 15 minutes early. Today is a High Intensity Interval Training day, and your first class is free.

      1. Lana Avatar

        Wonderful. How long is a class?

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