Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th

Our last challenge was a triumph with an extraordinary success rate of 100%.  Everyone lost pounds and inches, and I was so impressed by the improvements in strength and technique that the challengers achieved.  I don’t know when i’ve seen a group of 10 women get in better shape so fast.

The fat loss formula we use at Gordon Studio is this: Nutrition+Resistance Training+Intervals+Recovery.  Add in the the support that you get from a challenge team and you can be sure to get results.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will lift using body bars, barbells, and dumb-bells.  We emphasize form over volume to ensure safety.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do High Intensity Interval Training to accelerate fat loss.  I may add Kettlebells to the training sessions to increase intensity.

In addition, my years of training as a dancer and choreographer have me convinced that elements of jazz and contemporary dance add the finishing touch to a great transformation.  Balance, grace, and flexibility don’t just make us look better, they make the activities of daily living so much more enjoyable.  I incorporate these into the training session to to elongate the muscles, and because dancing to great music is fun.

The  2 week challenge costs $50, and you can add the next 2 weeks for just $30 more.

Please contact me: or call 209-532-2235

Author: Catherine

Catherine Gordon is the author of the nutritional program: Sugar Freedom at She is also the author of "Keep the Change" Transform your body for good 2nd edition, at She is member of the National Weight Control Registry, and she was named the Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year in 2013.

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4 thoughts on “Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th”

  1. Good morning. I’m interested in starting a few classes. I no today is a holiday. Will there be any classes today?

    1. Hi Lana,

      Classes resume today, Tuesday May 31st. 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30pm. Arrive 15 minutes early. Today is a High Intensity Interval Training day, and your first class is free.

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