The Life Changing Power of Fulfillment

When your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are fulfilled, the whole world benefits.

Think of the people who do good things in your community.

Right now, I’m picturing my friends who teach, practice health care, provide services to seniors, support arts and recreation, and help people who lack the basic necessities of life.

These people have the energy and enthusiasm for giving, and I believe that’s because they have the wisdom to take good care of themselves.

When I had my fitness studio, I was impressed by the fact that the people who came to train with me usually had time to volunteer, serve, and be generous in the community.

Ever since I quit sugar and stopped using exercise to burn calories, I gained the energy and emotional well being I needed in order to be of service. My mindset shifted from, “What can I buy today?” to “What good can I do today?”

Ten years ago, I was most concerned about the state of my students’ physical health. Now I’m most concerned with the emotional health of the community, and the state of the world we live in.

Concerns about inflation, climate change, and opportunities for young people have replaced my focus on body fat percentage. Now, I want to know how to tread as lightly on the planet as possible, while creating as much happiness as possible for my family, friends, neighbors, and the people who see my work as an artist.

A shift from an economy of extraction and consumption to a circular economy of physical, emotional, and creative fulfillment offers opportunities for all of us to thrive into the next century and beyond.

As I get ready to train and work today, I will keep my new goals and dreams in mind, and I hope you will too.






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