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2007 to 2009 Body Transformation

Losing weight can be wonderful, but keeping it off is the ultimate goal. In order to keep weight off, you do have to make a “lifestyle change.” I used to roll my eyes at that phrase. It sounded as appealing as, Tax Audit, or Root Canal.

Catherine in her green dress.

The phrase Lifestyle Change can conjure up images of starving and sweating for the rest of your life, no more fun at parties as you watch other people eat and drink for fun, and turning into that boring person who eats nothing but salad, and asks,

“Are you really going to eat that?”

Catherine Gordon 2022

The truth about changing your life by going sugar free is that by giving up some of the instant pleasures of eating sweets, you get the lasting happiness of physical energy and emotional well being.

15 years of research on the effects of overeating sugar, flour, and processed fats has taught me the value of replacing these anti-nutrients in my meal plans. The physical mechanism for my fat loss and weight maintenance is the insulin sensitivity my sugar free diet supports.

You can read more about the benefits of insulin sensitivity here:

My Post on Insulin Sensitivity

How can you get off of sugar so that you can get these benefits? My Three Day Sugar Detox describes how my readers and I get off of sugar. You can find it here:

Link to The 3 Day Sugar Detox

Quitting sugar transformed my body and my life. It truly transformed me from a consumer of junk food to a creator of music, dance, laughter, and friendship. May you find the nourishing and satisfying foods that fuel your transformation in 2023.

Wishing you well in every way,

Catherine Gordon


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