On Camera Acting and Commercial Workshop

If you are an actor, you know that you have to study in front of the camera in order to improve your chances of getting work in commercials, television, and film.

Now, with the explosion in the the use of digital video in social media, everyone in business, the arts, recreation, health and fitness, well, practically anyone in society can benefit from learning how to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s true, that some YouTube stars, and even some of your Facebook friends seem like naturals on video.  It may look like the camera just loves them, and maybe they have great looks, or they just got lucky with the right camera, sound, lighting, and content, but the truth is that many social media success stories spend thousands of hours perfecting their technique on camera, and editing when the recording is done.

Whether you want to dedicate your life to the art of acting, or whether you’d just like to let more people know about the products and services you offer, or if you just want to have fun communicating live, spending just a few hours leaning the basics of personal video making can help you avoid mistakes and save untold hours of trial, error, and frustration.

Catherine Gordon, the leader of the MyAct on camera acting and commercial workshop, has a BA in Theatre from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, and she has years of experience as an actor in film, television, commercials, infomercials, and internet product promotion.

Catherine’s credits include American Experience, Life Goes On, FM, and many commercials including PacifiCare, Countrywide, Allstate, Bodyworks, The Carefree Inn, and more.  In addition she is the spokeswoman for The Home Workout Revolution, and her own nutrition program: Sugarfreedom.  She has spent hours recording voice-overs for video sales letters, and she is the host of the Sugarfreedom Podcast.

In the live theatre, Catherine has co-starred with Vicki Lawrence, Lucie Arnaz, Bill Hayes, and John Ingle.  Recently, Catherine was invited back to Saint Mary’s College to participate in a master acting workshop with Sigourney Weaver and her husband, theatre director Jim Simpson.  Locally, Catherine has starred in several productions for Sierra Repertory Theatre, Duende Drama, and Catvandu Productions, as well as working as a stage director and choreographer.

Catherine will share three simple ways to to succeed on camera at a free information presentation at MyAct: Mountain Youth and Community Theatre: 14372 Cuesta Court off of Tuolumne Road.  Note: Cuesta Court is in between Hess and Nugget, and MyAct’s driveway is just past Sonora Mini Storage.  The presentation starts at 6:30PM.





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