Nine Exercises for Insulin Sensitivity

One set of nine exercises improves insulin sensitivity, and each training session only takes about 20 minutes.

In 2008 I reached a healthy weight and overcame insulin resistance for the first time in years.

The conventional wisdom for weight loss is that diet accounts for 80% of the results, but 15 years ago the key to my transformation was resistance training.

Once I substituted weight lifting for most of the endurance cardio I was doing, my appetite, motivation, and body fat improved rapidly. Recently, evidence has emerged that resistance exercise can improve insulin sensitivity quickly and safely. Here is a link to that study:

I have adapted the study exercises to my home gym and my goals as a dancer over 50. Here are the nine exercises:

Push ups, Squats, Rows, Romanian Deadlifts, Butterfly Raises, T-Bends, Bicep Curls, Calf Raises, and Tricep Extensions.

You can see a demonstration here:






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