My Cruise Ship Showgirl Diet

When I was hired as a singer/dancer on Holland America Line, I had to fit into some small costumes. Here’s what I did to stay in shape around all that food!

Back in 1996, I had to replace a
tiny singer dancer on Holland, America’s Statendam. In order to get the job and keep the job, I had to fit into her costumes.
We were about the same size, but all of her costumes were a little bit tight. So I didn’t just have to maintain my weight living on a cruise ship.

I actually had to lose some weight. And here is how I did it.

Every morning I would have one grapefruit and about three scrambled eggs.

At lunch, I would have as big a salad as I wanted, and then I would have whatever kind of protein they were serving, whether it was
chicken or beef or pork.

For dinner, another big salad, a big serving of vegetables, and again,
whatever meat they were serving, plus oil and vinegar dressing on my salad.

This kept me full and energized, and it kept me in those tiny costumes.

Even though if you were a cast member, you ate on the Lido deck at breakfast and at lunch. So that meant all of the food that was available to the passengers was also available to you. How can you stay away from the sweets and starches when everyone else gets to indulge?

One of the reasons I’m sharing this story is when I wrote Sugar Freedom 10 years ago, the Sugar Freedom Diet, even the ongoing diet is very similar to that cruise ship showgirl diet that I used to follow.

It was incredibly satisfying, and also it kept me energized for eight shows a week.
So how could this apply to somebody who was trying to lose weight or stay lean? Today?

I was able to stay away from the treats because I was full, satisfied, and doing something I absolutely loved.

If you can find your most satisfying foods, and connect easting them to the freedom to do what you love, the desire to eat solely for pleasure shrinks enough to put aside.

my cruise ship showgirl diet is essentially the same diet I used when I became overweight in middle age, and I had to find a way to get lean again.

The diet was so simple. Whole food, proteins like eggs and fish
and chicken, sometimes beef, two big salads a day, couple of servings of vegetables, and a couple of low
sugar fruits like grapefruit or apples and oranges, and some oil and vinegar for the dressing.

It was the simplicity of this diet and the
fact that it kept me nourished and satisfied that made it so effective. So the same diet that helped me stay in those tiny costumes, was the same diet that helped me overcome insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, obesity, and sugar addiction when I was in my late thirties and early forties.

The Three Day Detox post has more details.

As always, check with your doctor before
you change your eating plan. Eat for yourself. Be well, and I’ll see you soon on the Sugar Freedom.






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