Introducing G-Mix 1 and G-Mix 2 at Gordon Studio

Catherine Gordon ACE, Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year, Transformation Champion, as seen on ABC News in “Secrets of the Super Dieters” presents:

G-Mix 1 and G-Mix 2: Metabolic Dance Fitness

Catherine combines the latest science in fat loss and body transformation with yesterday and today’s Top Hits to bring you a dance fitness class that will give you fast, visible results Guaranteed.

G-Mix 1 at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Thursday was created for the Senior or Beginner who wants to learn the foundational exercises that help create excellent form, while enjoying great music. G-Mix 1 combines the best movements from the worlds of dance and fitness with balance and flexibility training to improve your functional fitness, and your shape!

G-Mix 2 every Monday at 6:30PM and Tuesday at 5:30PM turns up the intensity and adds training techniques that will amaze you with their effectiveness.  By focusing on proper form, and incorporating strategic recovery periods throughout the class you will be in the “Transformation Zone” for the entire 45 minute class, and for up to 48 hours afterward!

Dance experience is not required in order to get all of the benefits of G-Mix 1 and G-Mix 2.  Your first class is free, so come discover how fun and effective Metabolic Dance Fitness can be with G-Mix 1, and G-Mix 2 at Gordon Studio.





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