How to Shuffle Dance Over 50

Three essential shuffle steps.

Shuffle dance helps keep me healthy and happy. Here’s how I learned.

Back in 2019 I took my first shuffle class with Kelli Brock of @KelliBrockDance.

She was so patient with me, and she went over the steps from the front and the back, slow then fast, so that I could start to get them right.

We were in a dance studio, so I was able to hold on to the barre to learn steps like “Happy Feet,” and “Polly Pocket.”

Once Covid hit, we learned how to practice on FaceTime, and once we were able to practice together, Kelli taught me how to make TikTok videos. The best part of being on TikTok was discovering that there were a lot of women over 50 learning shuffle dance, and having a wonderful time.

My most important tips are:

Find a good shoe for you. I like Skechers because many of them have the right combination of support with soles that don’t feel like they’re sticking to the floor. When I shuffle in heels I wear Capezio Jr. Footlight Character shoes with a one inch heel. I was a Musical Theater dancer for many years, so I’m used to heels. Start with caution, and use the next tip:

Hold on to a counter for support while learning and mastering a new step.

Finally, take breaks to rest and recover. When I get overtired I’m ore likely to use poor form, and make missteps. If you’re practicing the Running Man, you may only dance for 10 seconds at a time at first. It’s no big deal. Take a rest, have a sip of water, let your heart rate come down, and get back in the game.

Dance Happy!


Thank you @Brittzec for your tutorials.



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