How to Progress Your Strength Training For Weight Loss.

Before and After Pictures
Before and After Keto plus weight lifting.
Here is the plan I use to strength train for weight loss.

In 2013, I was named Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year based on the success of the clients at Gordon Studio. Although Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training has moved on to other endeavors, the TT method is still at the heart of the training I use to get lean and stay strong.

This week, I was asked how to lose the last 5 or 10 pounds after achieving success with the Carnivore Diet. A woman right around my age, weight, and height was happy with her eating plan, but wanted to know what to do next to get a bit leaner.

I am writing this post to answer her question, but I think all of my readers can benefit from seeing the process laid out step by step.

Nine Lifts For Insulin Sensitivity.

This is the exact method I suggest to get started, or to use after a break of more than a month from weight lifting.

Do each exercise for the number of reps you can complete with excellent form.

  1. Push up
  2. Squat
  3. Romanin Deadlift
  4. Rows
  5. Alternating Side Squat
  6. Deltoid Raise
  7. Calf Raise
  8. Bicep Curls
  9. Tricep Extensions

There are many other exercises that can be substituted for these, but this is the starting plan. This routine should be done 2 or 3 times a week with interval training or other physical activity on other days with one day a week reserved for recovery.

After a month of “The Nine,” you can progress to a program of 3 non-competing super sets.

Set One: 8 Push Ups alternating with 8 Dumb Bell or Barbell Squats for 3 rounds.

Set Two: 8 Dumbell Rows on each side alternating with 8 Romanian Deadlifts for 3 rounds.

Set Three: 8 Alternating Side Squats super-setted with Bicep Curls for 3 rounds

After a month of Non-Competing Super Sets you could progress to a five day split if you want to build muscle even further.

My primary physical focus is dancing, so I usually stick with “The Nine,” in order to have time for my Shuffle, Tap, and Jazz Dance Practice, but five day splits can be the final key to a very lean. Another benefit of this type of training is that it establishes to lifting habit as a highly consistent part of your activities of daily living. This is important in order to maintain this level of lean-ness over time.

Catherine’s 5 Day Split

3 sets of each lift: Week 1 8 reps each. Week 2 10 reps each.Week 3 12 reps each. Week 4 increase weight and go back to 8 reps each.

Day 1: Leg Day: Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, Supported Reverse Lunges

Day 2: Chest: Pushups, Lying Dumb Bell Flies, Lying Single Arm Dumbell Press

Day 3: Back: Bent Over Rows, Dumb Bell Pullovers, Single Arm Dumb Bell Rows

Day 4: Shoulders: Overhead Press, Butterfly Raises, Single Arm Overhead Press

Day 5: Arms: Dumb Bell Curls, Double Bent Over Tricep Extensions, Hammer Curls, Tricep Dips.

To sum up, once you have found the way of eating that nourishes and satisfies you, training progression will put you on the road to the physical condition you aspire to. You will have the tools you need to progress, and you make the choice as to how often you want to apply them, and at what level of intensity.

Train safe, and I wish you strength and the results you desire.

Scroll down to see a graphic of the three day split I have used for home workouts.


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