Free Tracking Tools To Get Off Of Sugar, and Get Results.



Today, we begin Catherine’s Bootcamp at Gordon Studio.

The participants will be cutting out sugar and grains, and taking on a challenging regimen of weight lifting, high intensity intervals, plus flexibility and balance training.

When we put these elements together, extraordinary transformations occur.

By far the most important tool for fat loss is proper nutrition.  The program I have developed, Sugar Freedom, gives you the fat burning foods, meal plans, and recipes that have helped my clients and readers to lose literally thousands of pounds.  Changing the content of your eating plan is the most important thing, in my experience, but tracking macronutrients and yes, calories, is key for success.  

Tracking is especially helpful if fat loss slows down, and you want to be sure you are eating in a way that is consistent with your goals.

The completely free tracker that I use can be found at

I use it every day as it tells me my calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content, plus the percentage of these macronutrients.  For those of you doing a fitness training program, it is important that you eat sufficient protein.  One of my simplest tips for getting enough is to add canned tuna to a simple green salad, or to add extra egg whites to the whole eggs I have in my morning omelet.

A free macronutrient calculator for starting a ketogenic fat loss program can be found here:

Remember, what gets measured gets managed, and these sites can help you manage and measure at no cost.

Finally, if you are getting off of sugar and grains Monday, be sure to have broth or bullion on hand to drink if you have cravings, or if your energy feels low.  Eating Sugar Freedom style can cause your sodium levels to become depleted, and organic chicken broth or bullion can bring them up, and make you feel better fast.

Here’s to vibrant health and a beautiful Summer for all of us.







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