Catherine’s Body Challenge

Do you want to lose weight, and create a younger more attractive body without starving and painful workouts?

My Six Week Body Challenge does exactly that, guaranteed.

Many of you know that I closed Gordon Studio in July, and that I have gone back to performing in the professional theatre.  My personal weight struggle has always been driven by my desire to act, sing, and dance, and in show business, a young shapely figure is always an asset, and very often it’s a requirement. For years my personal motto has been,

“We receive what we want for others.”  Let’s get the results we want together.

These past three months have re-kindled my passion for fitness and nutrition coaching for so many reasons.

First, I have had time to catch up on the latest research in fitness and nutrition, and what I have learned is that eliminating sugary starchy foods, and embracing natural fats is a powerful, proven, and healthy technique for weight and fat loss.

Second, resistance training can re-shape the body at any age, and short, safe interval training sessions can reduce body fat without causing undue soreness, or heaven forbid, injury.

Third, motivational incentives like group support, deadlines, and cash prizes have been proven to increase results.

Catherine’s Body Challenge offers all of these elements and more.  It all begins on November 1st, and this challenge ends on December 13th.

The cost is $99, and that covers educational meal plans, training sessions, a private Facebook group, a weekly 20 minute consultation call, and a $250 prize for the most inspiring transformation, voted on by members of the challenge group.

E-mail me: and I will e-mail you a Paypal invoice to get started.

My clients and readers have literally lost thousands of pounds and inches, and now it’s your turn to get results.

Warmly, Catherine Gordon






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