For Women who want to lift and get lean, but aren’t sure how.

When I was struggling to get lean after I had my son, I was trying to eat less and move more.  I did increase my stamina by doing traditional cardio classes, but I was hungry all the time, and I couldn’t get the scale to budge.  This went on for several years, before I finally realized that I would have to try something different.

After seeing pictures of a woman like me who had transformed her body in a transformation contest, I decided to do what she did, and start lifting weights.  It was hard at first going to the gym, trying to figure out form, technique, and the right weight for me.  Sometimes I was confused, and at one point, some of the men in the gym made fun of me: calling me “Rocky.”  At times I got really sore, and other days I wasn’t sure if I was giving enough effort to get results, but it worked!  I went from a size 14 to a size 6 in 12 weeks, and today I maintain at a comfortable size 4 which is just fine for a woman my height. (5’1″ by the way.)

Back in 2011, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and after helping my clients lose thousands of pounds and inches I have developed a fitness class that combines all of my most powerful techniques for getting women started on the road to a leaner, stronger, more youthful body, that is still graceful and feminine.  Come experience it today!  The hour long class is every Monday at 5:30PM, and every Wednesday at 9AM.  Learn everything you need to know to get fit for good.  251-B Baretta St. For info here:






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