Can I Re-Start My Career at 58?

A Few Photos From My Musical Theatre Career

All I ever wanted to do was act, sing, and dance.

In 1986, I earned a BA in Theatre from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. I headed to Los Angeles, and I was able to work for many of the musical theatre and Civic Light Opera companies there. I did quite a few commercials, a little bit of television, and student films.

There were even a few years where I was almost making a real living from my work as a performer. The last audition my agent sent me on led to a job in Sonora, CA. Even better, I met my future husband, had a son, and my life changed in wonderful ways.

Once my son was old enough to go to school, I switched my career form performing to Personal Training and fitness studio owner. Even before the disruption of Covid in 2020, I had given up my fitness business, and I was focusing on singing and dancing again.

My fitness business grew out of what I learned from healing my sugar addiction, but I’ve learned that in order to stay off of the sugar, I have to be doing what I love.

For more than a decade people have been asking me how to stay off of sugar, and my experience taught me that you have to eat something else, and get pleasure from what you do and create, instead of getting it from what you have and consume.

My Health Plan For My Comeback.

My personal sugar free diet has evolved to a very low carb ketogenic plan as I’ve matured, and my fitness training is changing as well.

In order to have time for my singing and dance practice, I’ve changed my resistance training and intervals to shorter daily sessions.

I do nine lifts to fatigue, a round of Tabata training, Hooping, and stretching. I’ll be sharing my techniques here on my blog.

My hope is that my readers and viewers will be inspired to apply their training to the the activities that they love too.

Here’s to discovering how to be happy and fulfilled over 50, or at any age.

All the best,






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