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  • How To Feel Good Again

    How To Feel Good Again

    Good Food and Training Can Help You Enjoy The Simple Things Once More. When I was a little girl, I rarely wanted to stop playing in order to eat. I would rather play outside in the sandbox or on the swings. On rainy days I didn’t want to leave my dolls or drawing in order […]

  • How I Went From Obese To Healthy

    And How I Maintain That Weight Loss After Menopause. If I had to describe how I maintain my sixty pound weight loss in one sentence this would be it: I reduce the glucose in my nutrition to the point where my cravings disappear. My former obesity was a visible symptom of my dis-regulated appetite. As […]

  • Can I Re-Start My Career at 58?

    All I ever wanted to do was act, sing, and dance. In 1986, I earned a BA in Theatre from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. I headed to Los Angeles, and I was able to work for many of the musical theatre and Civic Light Opera companies there. I did quite a few commercials, […]

  • What Are We Training For?

    For fifty years, I have been training to fit in. That’s long enough. By the time I was eight years old, my peers were letting me know that I was too short and round to be an asset to any social group. My intelligence, friendliness, and sense of humor weren’t going to be enough to […]

  • How I Blew Up On TikTok

    Easy tips to grow followers and get views.

  • How I Healed My Sugar Addiction

    The First Step To Healing My Sugar Addiction was learning to handle my hunger. Vinegar Study: Article on the weight loss drug Wegovy:

  • Sugar and Eczema?

    A study published in 1928 showed that a Low Carb diet helps heal eczema. “For many years, it has been believed that eczema may be associated with a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism.” B. Usher M.D. This quote is from a study published in 1928. Here is a link to the abstract: I’m sure my mother […]

  • Three Day Sugar Detox

    Three of the daily food lists below are Keto: 20 grams or less of carbohydrate per day. To keep total carbs below 20 grams per day, I choose non starchy vegetables that grow above the ground. The table below lists the vegetables I use and their carbohydrate counts. Click the image to make it larger. […]

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Study Shows Big Benefits

    I’ve been drinking a tonic of one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, one tablespoon of lemon juice, 8 ounces of water (240ml), and a few drops of stevia for almost 10 years. I’ve always known that it reduces my cravings, and it keeps my night time leg cramps away. My readers and viewers have been […]

  • No sugar For 14 Years

    Is a sugar free diet sustainable? Find out in the video below. I stopped eating sugar, grains, and processed oils in 2008, and it changed my life for the better. Now that my blood sugar is stable, and my insulin resistance is vastly improved, I almost never experience sugar cravings. If I do have a […]

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