Sugar and Eczema?

A study published in 1928 showed that a Low Carb diet helps heal eczema.

“For many years, it has been believed that eczema may be associated with a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism.” B. Usher M.D.

This quote is from a study published in 1928. Here is a link to the abstract:

I’m sure my mother would have liked to know about this study when I developed a serious case of Winter eczema as a small child. Currently, there are very few published studies that demonstrate the link between sugar metabolism, eczema, and dermatitis, but more are underway right now.

It’s also important to understand how the treatment for eczema, corticosteroid cream, can affect the patients who use it, especially children.

You can learn more by reading the study linked here:

The good news is that a low carbohydrate diet was shown to relieve eczema over one hundred years ago, and this way of eating is easily accessible to us today. The pinned post on this website gives you my three day sugar detox for free, and there are plenty of low carb plans that you can easily find and try on the internet.

Managing glucose with food and fitness can be simple and fun. The best part is that physical well being opens the door to a happy fulfilling life.

As always, be well and eat for yourself.






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