Diet and Exercise in a Pill

How Mimetics work.

Here is the link to an important article on “Mimetics,” drugs that mimic beneficial human behaviors.

Researchers predict that within five years, drugs that mimic the health benefits of caloric restriction will be available for people to use. Unlike the popular new drugs like Ozempic that cause weight loss, these drugs increase health span. In other words, they prolong quality of life.

The most compelling part of the article for me was the way these drugs affect mitochondria, the cellular power plants that have fascinated me ever since I started lifting weights, doing interval training, and cutting carbs.

Would I still follow my healthy lifestyle if I could get the same results from a pill? I would absolutely keep living this way because it makes me so happy, but what are the financial and community implications of health in a pill?

I hope you will read the article and start thinking about what it will mean for society when these drugs arrive on the market.


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