Freedom Friday

“If I could stick to my program on the week-ends, I’d be at goal by now.”

This is a statement I have heard from so many of my clients and readers.  We seem to be able to follow our best fitness and nutrition plans during the week, but when the week-end rolls around our inner teenager takes over.

The inner teen wants to eat, drink, and loaf with abandon, but if you want to be leaner, fitter, and closer to your goals on Monday, you need a plan for Saturday and Sunday.

What has worked for me and my students is the substitution of leisure and fun for food and drink.  I adore going to movies, plays, comedy shows, and museums.  Reading, gardening, catching up with friends, learning something new, even enjoying social media can be relaxing without physical consequences.

I believe that as a society we have poured too much of our hope of pleasure and enjoyment into food, and we have stopped getting our kicks from playing sports, dancing, and going to concerts.  Even when we do get out and amuse ourselves, food has become part of the entertainment.

The way to shift fun back into living instead of eating is to start being aware that we are doing just that.  May I suggest that on the week-ends we decide to enhance our health by seeking out the activities that make us happy.

Starting Saturday, May 6th, I will begin teaching Cathy’s Fit Class at Sol-Y-Breath in Sonora. It’s located at14709 Mono Way, Sonora, CA 95370, near Sears. This class is gentle, restorative, and fun while keeping us mindful of our commitment to fitness.  I have designed it for the true beginner, or for anyone who wants gentle conditioning, but it is also a way to stay engaged with your health goals one one of those days when it seems easier to let all of your good plans go.  The cost is $10, or you can use your Sol-Y-Breath yoga card.

Now for the nutrition part of the fitness formula: please have a plan for eating over the week-end.  Here is a sample meal plan for Saturday or Sunday:


3-4 oz smoked wild salmon and 1 oz cream cheese topped with capers

Red cabbage and grated carrots

Stir-fried in 1T organic coconut oil


Tuna salad made with celery, home made mayo, 1t mustard, and chopped raw almonds.

Large green salad including chopped salad vegetables

Olive oil and vinegar dressing



Lemon Herb Grilled Chicken

Large Green salad with avocado dressing

Green Beans with garlic sauteed in butter.

Finally, here is a no equipment interval session to keep you in the groove:

Put on your favorite dance song, i recommend one that’s 4-5 minutes long, and do these exercises in a circuit.  20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest in between for the duration of the song:

Push Ups

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Squats.

Stay true to you goals and feel fantastic on Monday.

For personalized fitness plans e-mail me:

Especially if you eat well, and go to Cathy’s Fit Class.


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