Found! My Original 12 Week Transformation Photos

You can find the diet I used to get these results at:


One unique feature you’ll find at Gordon Studio is the “Wall of Fame.”  Unfortunately, my original before and afters aren’t up there because I lost them in  a capacitor meltdown a few years ago.

I’m posting these here because we do 12 week transformation challenges with our members, and they always like to see examples of what can be achieved in 12 weeks of smart training combined with a low sugar, whole food eating plan.  These pictures show my 14 pound weight loss in 2008, but I have been far surpassed by many of my students! Melinda F., and Jamie P. both lost over 20 pounds in 12 weeks, and they are not alone.

Starting August 1st. there will be a change in the Gordon Studio Schedule.  This will be posted on the Class Schedule page, but I wanted to post the new hours here as well.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:30AM

Monday through Thursday at 4:30PM

Monday through Friday at 5:15PM

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6PM

Now that Gordon Studio has produced more TT Transformation Champions than any other gym in the USA, and to cover rising costs of running the studio, our rates will be going up in September to $80 per month for unlimited classes.  The 8 class punch card will be $60, with 10% discount for Seniors and Students.  The single class rate will be $15.

There is more great news though: If you join before September 1st. you will get the lower rate of $60 per month and $50 for the 8 class card.  This rate stays the same as long as you remain a member of Gordon Studio.

Even better, I will be offering a Body Breakthrough Challenge starting Monday, September 14th.  For the low price of $59 you get a month of unlimited training, body fat assessment, Sugar Freedom Meal Plans for the entire month, membership in the Secret Facebook Group, a signed copy of “Keep the Change” Transform you body for Good, and a chance to win $250.00 cash for the first place figure transformation, $100.00 for second, and a free month of unlimited classes for 3rd. place.

See you in the studio!







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