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Self training starts with clear goals. My goal is to 10X these numbers by 1/1/25
I started this YouTube channel 10 years ago. Time to get busy.

When I finally figured out how to train, eat, and set goals in 2008, I set a goal of doing my Turbulence Training workouts three times a week. I would go to Sonora Sports and Fitness twice a week, and I would train at home on Saturdays. It takes a special kind of self management to focus clearly and work with good effort at home. At the gym, I always feel that other eyes are watching, and that I have a duty to use excellent form.

Self conscious? Yes, I admit it. I have some insecurities that get in the way of my development, and that’s why I needed to learn some tools for training and coaching myself.

Writing down a clear goal is one of the classic tools of self coaching, and I learned to use it from Craig Ballantyne who wrote Turbulence Training. When I decided to write my own book,

Keep The Change: Transform Your Body For Good, I got help from a Life Coach, and I did Donna Kozic’s program, Write a Book In a Weekend.

Life coaching changed my life because it gave me tools for getting to work willingly, even happily, on the things I wanted to accomplish and create.

The most important thing a life coach does, is ask the client questions that lead to actions that are taken willingly, and sometimes even joyfully toward real results.

These questions are available to you now. I googled, “10 Life Coaching Questions,” and here is the result:

15 Life Coaching Questions

  • What’s Standing In Your Way? … 
  • Can You Tell Me More? … 
  • What Are Your Biggest Fears? … 
  • Are You Happy Right Now? … 
  • What Does Success Look Like? … 
  • How Would You Describe Your Previous Year? … 
  • What Do You Want To Accomplish In The Next Year? … 
  • What Things From Your Daily Life Make You Happy?

You can ask yourself these questions to begin your own habit of self-coaching. When it comes to fitness, you can apply these questions to your goal, and begin to develop a self training program that will be yours for life.

Bonus: I’m going to share the best question my coach Sandy Goodwin used to ask me:

“What are you completely willing and eager to do today to make progress on your goal?”

My answer is to eat my way, do my Nine Lifts for Insulin Sensitivity, and make a YouTube video about the power of self training.

What are you willing and eager to do?


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