Congratulations Jamie!

Jamie Before
Jamie Before
Jamie side after
Jamie After


I’ll admit, getting through another candy coated holiday was an eye-opening experience. I mean, I expect to see Easter candy in the grocery and drug stores, but I was certainly surprised by the displays in the home improvement stores.

Thank goodness my students, readers, and I have found a way of eating that helps us navigate a sugar and pastry filled world.

I’d like to share Jamie’s before and afters with you, and ask you to vote in the 22nd. Turbulence Training Transformation contest. Back in 2007, before I made my own physical transformation, it was seeing Emily Johnson’s before and afters in the 1st. TT contest that made me believe I could make a permanent difference in the way I looked and felt.

I hope everyone who has read Sugar Freedom, gone through, the 3 Day Sugar Strike, and followed the meals plans has found relief from the sugar cravings that can drive appetite and overeating. I have found in so many cases that a smart training program can truly take your health, appearance, and feelings of well being to a whole new level.

This happened for Jamie when she began doing Turbulence Training at Gordon Studio, and I am including a link is this e-mail if you want to discover the program yourself.

I hope that you will read her success story at this link:
With Jamie’s selection as a finalist, Gordon Studio has had students in the finals of the international Turbulence Training Transformation Contests 21 times.  That makes us #1 in the US.  To current members: keep up the amazing work.  If you are curious about TT, e-mail me at, as we have openings in our 8AM, 5:15PM, and 6PM classes.

Great job Jamie







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