Training Plan For May

Here is the new training plan for the next 3 weeks in Cathy’s Fit Class

This plan maximizes body recomposition.  That means you will burn the fat and keep the muscle so that you look and feel wonderful.

We use both in Cathy’s Fit Class.

Dumb-Bell Floor Press 8

Dumb-Bell Glute Raise 8

Renegade Row 8 Per Arm

Punisher Squat Hold 15 Seconds

Double Bent Over Tricep Extension 8

Intervals: 16 counts of work then 8 counts of rest.

Total Body Extension


Knee Repeaters 8/side

Alternating side lunges

Rest 16 counts and do three more rounds.

Do this session three times per week at home or the gym.  In week two increase reps to 10, and increase reps to 12 in week three.  These are the resistance exercises we will be doing in Cathy’s Fit Class at TCAA Dance at the Dome for the next three weeks.

Get to class for your form check, balance and flexibility too.







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